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Taking a minute can change a life

World Suicide Prevention Day 2017 is calling on the community to “take a minute” to check in on someone in need

September 10, 2017 - More than 800,000 people a year die by suicide. Up to 25 times as many have made a suicide attempt. Each individual has their own story and we cannot point to any single cause, situation or event that leads a person to see no other avenue but to take their life.

Many of those that survived talk about wishing, in the days, hours or minutes before an attempt, that they could have seen another way, or that someone had reached out to them.

For every suicide attempt, there are countless family, friends, colleagues or school mates that wish they had seen the signs, reached out or found resources to help.

There are many reasons why people may be reluctant to reach out. Fear of talking about suicide, fear of making it worse, fear of not knowing what to do, or where to get help.

In truth, there is no hard and fast formula, but the evidence suggests that talking about suicide is far more likely to reduce distress than exacerbate it, and that showing compassion and empathy can have a significant impact in keeping someone safe, and supporting them towards recovery.

Also important to remember is that resources are available, not only to equip people to communicate effectively with someone at risk, but to connect vulnerable people with professional help.

These resources are close at hand, and crisis centres across BC will be talking part in events and running workshops on or around World Suicide Prevention Day to train the community in how to “take a minute to change a life”.

Vancouver Island Crisis Line will hold its 11th annual Soles Remembering Souls event to mark World Suicide Prevention Day. This gathering is an opportunity to bring together those bereaved by suicide to a place of healing through connection, and takes place on September 10, from 4:30-6:30 PM, around the waterfront at Maffeo Sutton Park.

Vancouver Crisis Centre will hold a World Suicide Prevention Day event at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Friday September 8, and will hold the following community trainings:

  • safeTALK – September 13 and 29

  • Mindfulness Self-Care – September 22

  • ASIST Tune-Up – September 20

  • Skillfully Responding to Distress – September 29

The Crisis Centre for Northern BC will be having a free safeTALK workshop on Sept. 7 at the Prince George Library, and will be participating at Canfor’s Family Wellness Day on Sept. 9. They will be handing out commemorate ribbons and candles for those who wish to take part in a candle lighting remembrance at 8:00pm on September 10th.

The Vernon Crisis Line is planning an evening in the park with lanterns to remember those lost and facilitate hope.

The Fraser Health Crisis Line will be promoting SafeTALK training being held at Valley View Funeral Home on September 10th from 1pm, and posting Suicide informational facts, tips, etc. to Facebook and Twitter in the week leading up to WSPD 2017.

If you are concerned about suicide, either for yourself or someone you know, now is the time to reach out by calling 1800SUICIDE on 1-800-784-2433. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and supporting people in need in your community, see the CLABC website for links to your local crisis centre, at


The Crisis Line Association of BC (CLABC) is the provincial association representing member crisis lines from across BC. The organization, formed in 1998, is dedicated to ensuring that every person in BC has access to the needed emotional support and critical services that crisis lines provide. CLABC developed two provincial networks:

1800SUICIDE and 310Mental Health Support, enhancing immediate access to 24-hour crisis line services for anyone at anytime from anywhere in BC.

For more information see or contact Jason Chare, CLABC Provincial Network Manager, at

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