This website is designed to provide general information only, not direct services. If you need help, please contact the services listed above. Local crisis line numbers can be found at Map/Crisis Lines.


Members of the Crisis Line Association of BC (CLABC) have provided emotional support,  crisis and suicide assessment/intervention and resource information to people at the community level for more than 40 years.

CLABC members respond to over 150,000 calls annually, addressing a wide array of concerns including homelessness, mental health and substance use, poverty, abuse, and suicide.

Crisis line workers are trained in critical skills such as empathetic reflection, active listening, and collaborative problem solving. They use crisis and suicide assessment and intervention protocols that are based on recognized better practices.

Committed to the community development model, CLABC member crisis lines recruit and train hundreds of volunteers in communities across BC each year, thereby enhancing community safety-nets.​

Speaking with a trained crisis line worker makes a difference in people's lives. An evaluation of accredited and networked crisis lines showed that suicide intent, hopelessness and psychological pain decreased during and after clients' calls to crisis lines (Dr. Brian Mishara, University of Montreal).

Calling a crisis line does help.


BC crisis lines provide three million minutes of support to people in need each year.

A person connects with a crisis line worker every 2.7 minutes either through their local crisis line, 1800SUICIDE or 310Mental Health Support.​

BC crisis lines created the first provincial 1800SUICIDE network in Canada. Since 2004,  1800SUICIDE has been operating 24/7/365 throughout British Columbia.​ Some provinces have followed BC's lead and also provide 1800SUICIDE services.

1800SUICIDE won the 2005 BC Association of Broadcasters' Humanity Award, which included
$3 million worth of TV and radio air time.


The Lions Gate Bridge Project was also the first of its kind in Canada. Phones placed on the bridge enables callers to connect directly to a trained crisis line worker 24 hours a day. The success of this initiative led to phones also being placed on the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge.

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Crisis Line Association of BC can be reached c/o Vancouver Island Crisis Society.

​ADDRESS: PO Box 1118, Nanaimo, BC V9R 6E7      PHONE: 250-753-2495